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To Boldy Go 2

By [email protected] - 18th August 2006 - 08:04

Earlier - Trimble GPS and EGNOS were used to map out the biggest maize maze in the world!See July article Using the 40th anniversary celebrations of Star Trek as inspiration, York maze have been using Trimble GPS to set out the biggest maize maze in the world.The maize has now grown!
The sci fi show was first launched in the US in 1966 and the maze design will feature some instantly recognisable images.Farmer and maze master Tom Pearcy turned to Trimbleâs largest UK distributor KOREC for help on selecting a GPS to set out the maze over a 32 acre site - 10 acres bigger than the previous world record in Belgium. âOn the advice of KOREC we selected a Trimble Pathfinder Pro XT linked to KORECâs fastMap Tablet, a 3 in 1 software solution for data collection, maintenance and processing running on a rugged tablet PC,â said Tom.âOn the ground we can see our current position within the maze design in fastMAP Tablet and simply guide a tractor around the fields to mark out the maze paths. Another machine is then used to excavate the crops from the path area leaving a clear navigable path through the rapidly growing maize plants. In a matter of weeks these plants will be around 7ft tall!âThe Trimble system provides better than 0.5m accuracy in real-time by using EGNOS* corrections and was also used to locate the positions of the observation towers and other structures within the maze *(European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) EGNOS is Europeâs first venture into satellite navigation and will augment the two military satellite navigation systems now operating, the US GPS and Russian GLONASS systems.

Author: Lucy Hamilton


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