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Talking with Trimble

By [email protected] - 19th March 2010 - 13:45

Peter Large, general manager of Trimbleâs Mapping and GIS Division, talks to GEOconnexion about the complex issues surrounding infrastructure management here in the UK within an interesting matrix of technology, obligations and responsibilities. Download here the full interview, including Peter\'s view on âconvergence of disciplinesâ.
\'Road Network and Infrastructure Management\' is one of the topics we will analyse in the first issue of GeoUK 2010. So perhaps we can talk about the solutions available within Trimble technology and also how and if these solutions have been implemented in the UK? I am sure you are aware that have been some changes of the legislation in the UK. The Road Street Act was passed in 1991 but just recently the Traffic Management Act makes some changes to it.See EDITOR\'s CHOICE to download the FULL INTERVIEW.

Author: Maria Pellegrini

Bio.: Editor, GeoConnexion UK

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From broad thinking to precision delivery - FULL INTERVIEW

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