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Software for Data Governance

By [email protected] - 11th June 2010 - 11:02

Kalido, the leading independent provider of data governance solutions, announced today a new software product that will enable organizations to more effectively manage data governance programs and, as a result, dramatically improve data quality.
Kalido(R) Data Governance Director(TM) will increase the success of data governance programs by enabling companies to manage data policies, operationalize data governance processes, and measure and monitor compliance across the enterprise.Kalido Data Governance Director will be generally available in Q4 2010. Pricing starts at $275,000. A free community edition will be available in Q3 2010 and will include unified business modeling, data governance scope definition and policy creation, and industry standard integration of process, data and organizational models.Kalido Data Governance Director complements Kalido\'s current data governance portfolio which includes Kalido(R) MDM(TM) and the Kalido(R) Information Engine(TM), creating a robust information management solution that supports the business process of data management by governing data as a shared enterprise asset.Kalido Data Governance Director will...Manage Data Policies byProviding a common, pervasive, more visible policy layer on top of existing data repositories including operational systems, data warehouses, master data hubs and integration infrastructure.Collaboratively defining data policies in the context of current state business process, data, system and organization models, aligning them with business objectives. Accelerating deployment by leveraging existing investments in data models, process models, data quality rules and related software through an open application programming interface (API).Operationalize Data Governance Processes byOrchestrating comprehensive data governance processes including data policy creation, change management, communication, implementation, issue tracking, and remediation. Demonstrating to auditors and regulators a transparent and auditable end-to-end process for managing data policies.Managing performance of the data governance program by tracking and reporting key operational metrics. Measure and Improve Data Policy Compliance byMonitoring, measuring and reporting compliance with data policies over time to drive continuous improvement.Triggering timely issue resolution by notifying all stakeholders when data policies are violated. Prioritizing issues based on economic impact of non-compliance by tracking the relationship between data quality and business performance metrics. Enabling Data GovernanceAn Accenture report on the data governance market commissioned by Kalido states that \"data governance efforts today have focused on organizational and process aspects. The missing component has been the technology support for a data governance organization model.\"The lack of enabling technologies has limited widespread adoption of data governance:Attempts have been made to implement and manage data governance by email, PDFs, Word documents and spreadsheets. This manual process is error prone, time consuming and lacks mechanisms for ensuring compliance and measuring business impact.Policies and processes resulting from resource-intensive data governance studies and pilot projects often don\'t make it past the documentation phase.Successful data governance programs must:Align data policies with business objectives and engage business as a partner and data steward;Orchestrate those processes across a distributed organization;Manage roles and responsibilities;Provide accessible and clearly defined policies;Demonstrate a clear return on investment. Data Governance Solution Advisory BoardKalido has established and continues to expand data governance relationships with leading independent software vendors, global systems integrators, and private and public sector organizations on the vanguard of information management.Kalido has created a Data Government Solution Advisory Board, consisting of over 10 multinational corporations. The Board will provide feedback and input on product direction and features.Kalido is also working with global systems integrators (SI) and independent software vendors (ISV), including Logica PLC and Trillium Software, a business of Harte-Hanks (NYSE: HHS). Kalido\'s data governance partners will use the Kalido Data Governance Director to develop industry-specific solutions with pre-built business process and data policy templates. Executive QuotesBill Hewitt, president and CEO, Kalido, said:\"The introduction of Kalido Data Governance Director is game changing for the information management market and our customers. Our tops-down approach fills a strategic gap in the data management market. For companies who have already started to implement data governance programs, Kalido Data Governance Director will give them the ability to accelerate efforts across their most vital data assets. Our ability to interoperate with existing infrastructure technologies provide the \'missing link\' to a comprehensive and effective data governance effort.\" Industry PerspectiveTed Friedman, vice president and distinguished analyst, Gartner said:\"\'Data governance\' and \'data quality\' are among the most prevalent inquiry topics fielded by Gartner\'s information management analysts. While there generally is a clear understanding of the relationship between data governance and better business performance, organizations struggle with making data governance work. They will increasingly seek solutions that facilitate and automate governance, measure program success, and leverage existing investments.\"David Loshin, principal, Knowledge Integrity, Inc., a firm that provides business and technical consulting, training, and custom system design and implementation for technical and management methodologies for instituting data quality, master data management, data standards, and data governance programs, said:\"The successful implementation of a data governance program is critically dependent on the organizational structure of the data governance board, the policies and processes for operationalizing the decisions of that data governance board, and the techniques and methods supporting both. This is facilitated through tools that support the full life cycle associated with defining, approving, communicating and fully integrating data policy compliance throughout the application infrastructure. Kalido understands these requirements and is heading in the right direction with Kalido Data Governance Director.\"Jill Dyche, partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, a business and IT consulting firm specializing in business intelligence, MDM and data governance, said:\"Baseline Consulting has set up data governance plans for companies far and wide. As they launch their programs the conversation shifts from \'Where do we start?\' to \'How do we execute?\' The need to automate and manage data rules and policies across sources has emerged as one of the hot topics of data governance, and Kalido Data Governance Director will be an important solution.\" Partner QuotesTom de Jong, Information Management Practice Lead at Logica, said:\"Demand for Logica\'s data governance consulting expertise has increased markedly as more enterprises realize that data governance provides a formal basis for improving data quality and thus improves business performance. Of the three tenets of data governance -- people, process and technology -- the latter has been lacking. Kalido\'s vision for data governance that puts policies and procedures into action holds great promise for their software, and therefore the potential to accelerate the successful implementation and adoption of data governance in our clients.\"Bernie LeCuyer, senior vice president of Global Services, Trillium Software, said:\"The Kalido/Trillium alliance is mutually beneficial. The data profiling and monitoring technology in Trillium Software System(R) will help ensure that data policies defined within Kalido Data Governance Director are being actively enforced. Kalido Data Governance Director\'s business process and policy-driven framework links our enterprise data quality solution with a wider range of data repositories, providing concrete data quality metrics correlated to business value, and enforcing data quality as a consistent, pervasive business practice.\" About KalidoKalido is the leading provider of business-driven data governance software. Kalido enables companies to manage data as a shared enterprise asset by supporting the business process of data management. Kalido software has been deployed at more than 300 locations in over 100 countries, including 20 percent of the world\'s most profitable companies as determined by Fortune Magazine.

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