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Sir Tim Berners-Lee to speak at Terra future event

By [email protected] - 15th August 2006 - 09:55

Web inventor confirmed keynote speaker at Ordnance Survey research eventThe widely acclaimed inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is to give the opening keynote speech at Ordnance Survey's annual Terra future conference.
He will address thought leaders representing business, government and academia at the national mapping agency's Southampton head office on 19 September.Sir Tim will discuss the future of the World Wide Web and the growing importance of geographic information in its development."Geographic information is stimulating new uses of the World Wide Web, evolving existing applications and underpinning the creation of new ones to adapt to global trends," he says. "I am delighted to be addressing the attendees at Terra future and anticipate a productive and inspiring debate between those driving the development of location data and the information businesses looking to embrace it."Terra future is a one-day, invitation-only event that explores the impact of future trends on information businesses.It is a chance for leading industry experts to give their views on topics, including new and evolving technologies, societal change and consumer demands. Delegates will be invited to share their industry experience and ideas to evaluate future impacts on business and society.As well as Sir Tim, confirmed speakers include Mike Liebhold, senior researcher at the Institute for the Future in California, who will give a presentation on what we need to do to build a sustainable geospatial web.Professor Glenn Lyons, Director of the Centre for Transport and Society at the University of the West of England, Bristol, will host an interactive workshop on the future of the transportation industry.Other workshops will cover topics that include information integration in a knowledge-based economy and the influence of an ageing population.Exhibitions will showcase leading-edge technologies and ideas, from practical solutions being shaped today to those still in the research lab.Chris Parker, Ordnance Survey's Head of Research and Innovation, says: "I am delighted to welcome Tim Berners-Lee to Terra future. He has pioneered new forms of information exchange and evolved business communication. Terra future will drive the debate on the potential of location information and explore the power of collaboration on technology and ideas."The inaugural Terra future conference, held in September 2005, included presentations by Peter Cochrane OBE, a former chief technologist at BT, and Professor Jim Norton, Senior Policy Advisor for the Institute of Directors.

Author: Kevin M. McLoughlin

Bio.: Press Office Assistant | Ordnance Survey

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