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Shaping visions in an uncertain world

By [email protected] - 20th May 2010 - 13:33

Some 600 delegates journey to Londonâs Hilton Metropole Hotel over two days last week for the inaugural ESRI (UK) user conference while, just a short distance away, Britainâs political landscape was being re-shaped behind closed doors.
Just as the politicking addressed Britainâs economic plight, so the need for software that might help organisations over looming financial hurdles was never far from the minds of conference attendees. And with ArcGIS 10, the latest release of ESRIâs flagship software due to ship within weeks, they are unlikely to be disappointed with the additions and enhancements to a core technology that, in the companyâs own words, will âtransform the way people use and apply GIS.â By Peter FitzGibbon. Peter is well known to our readership having been editor in chief of GeoConnexion for many years.See EDITOR\'s CHOICE to download the FULL REPORT

Author: Peter FitzGibbon, [email protected]

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