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New Generation Of Video/Data Wall Processors

By [email protected] - 22nd August 2006 - 09:49

According to Robert Marcus, President of RGB Spectrum, "MediaWall 2500 is the latest addition to our expanding line of wall controllers. What distinguishes the MediaWall 2500 from other products is its "best in class" combination of true real-time performance, unmatched display flexibility, ease of setup, robustness, and security. The MediaWall is unique among display wall processors.
It is based upon a custom, high performance architecture with real time performance rather than a PC-based solution. Real time display of all inputs is guaranteed under all conditions, at up to 80 frames per second without any dropped frames. The MediaWall also offers the robustness and security of a diskless system with an embedded operating system."The MediaWall 2500 displays up to sixteen video and computer signals simultaneously on up to six screens. Multiple processors can be combined to support larger arrays. Images can be displayed any size, anywhere, within or across screens, in correct aspect ratio or stretched to fit, in whole or zoomed to emphasize details. The system offers plug-and-play compatibility with the widest range of inputs at up to 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution, including non-interlaced and interlaced, RGB/DVI, HD 720p/1080i/1080p, radar, sonar, X-Ray, YUV component, S-Video, and composite NTSC/PAL. Background images, up to the aggregate resolution of the display wall, can be loaded from compact flash cards or via network connection.Unlike other video walls, the MediaWall has no limits on display alternatives; the multi-screen array forms a truly virtual screen in which any display of windows is possible. MediaWall 2500 offers many innovative display features including dynamic window sizing and positioning, enhanced image zoom capability, custom borders, window titling, freeze, 24 user programmable display arrangement presets, on-screen digital clock, and colored and shaded backgrounds. No competitive video/data wall even comes close.The MediaWall 2500 is a robust system designed for 24/7 mission critical operation. It comes packaged in a rack mountable enclosure with replaceable air filter, redundant power supplies, and thermostatically controlled fans, providing a, excellent solution for challenging environments. Most importantly, in contrast to PC-based walls, MediaWall provides the security and reliability of an embedded operating system. It is not vulnerable to security breaches or downtime due to network glitches or PC operating system failures.Leading edge features include mullion compensation which allows expanding images across screens to compensate for the dead spaces on display devices, particularly flat panel displays (FPDs).Image overlap is also supported for seamless display on large screens. When an image is displayed across multiple projectors, the human eye detects a vertical line where the two portions of the image are joined. In conjunction with projectors with light intensity adjustments, the MediaWall's image overlap feature eliminates edge artifacts, resulting in a seamless image.Control is offered via Ethernet or RS-232 serial port. A web browser based control system provides both local and remote control. An embedded GUI interface provides a graphical representation of the multi-image screen with "drag and drop" window positioning and sizing.Marcus concluded, "We are very pleased with our customers' praise and eager interest in the new MediaWall 2500 solution. It is the premier multi-screen video/data wall controller available, delivering exceptional performance and an incomparable feature set."

Author: Carol Marcus

Bio.: Director, Corporate Communications

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