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Meeting customer expectations...

By [email protected] - 4th November 2010 - 11:10

A look back and look forward view from emapsite.
emapsite has been swift to rise to the challenge of fragile public and private sector finances over the last year with a number of initiatives designed to deliver more for less. For example, and as the Local Government Association has pointed out, local councils face an often labour intensive, costly and time-consuming process to share licensed mapping data with their contractors. With many signatories to the various collective mapping agreements now involved in budget freezes, they donât want to spend time and money on the administration of map data. To help solve this problem, emapsite launched its Contractor Link service in the summer. The service - the first of its kind to be paid for by the contractor rather than the procurer - is designed to support the use of Ordnance Survey data licensed under the Mapping Services, Pan Government and OneScotland agreements.DOWNLOAD THE FULL ARTICLE WITH VIEWS, NEWS AND COMMENTS ON EDITOR\'S CHOICE BELOW.

Author: James Cutler

Bio.: Chief Executive of emapsite, james.cutler@emapsite

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Meeting customer expectations - Download here the full article

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