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GIS for Rescue Services

By [email protected] - 19th April 2010 - 08:24

A new technology platform is to helpMountain Rescue teams in England andWales and all other search and rescueorganisations. The system, known as SARMAN⢠(Search & Rescue ManagementSolutions), is a modular system providingthe capability to plan, coordinate andmore efficiently manage the work of rescueteams. The SARMAN⢠software hasbeen designed in conjunction with MREWand provides operational improvementssuch as use of digital topographic mapsand aerial maps, live communication andtracking interfaces, coordination of multiplesearch teams and equipment acrossmultiple incidents and many more.From the TOP TEN NEWS Published on the latest GeoUK See Editor\'s Choice.Below is the extended version.
MAPYX SARMAN⢠â SEARCH AND RESCUE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONSMapyx has developed a modular system to satisfy all the needs of search teams by providing a new platform of specialised software and hardware to assist in the planning and operation of search and rescue services.The system, known as SARMAN⢠Search & Rescue Management Solutions, is a modular system providing the capability to better plan, coordinate and manage the work of MREW and other search and rescue organisations.The SARMAN⢠system interfaces with its professional version of its already proven and award winning Mapyxâs Quo software, used by tens of thousands of users in outdoor activity planning.KEY MODULES: Software  Laptop or Desktop based Sarman⢠Software Platform Mobile Device Sarman⢠Software Platform Hardware Designed & tested to work with approved GPS Radio Mics, and PDA/GPS/GPRS/GSM/Satellite Mobile devices in the âfieldâ.KEY BENEFITS: Use of digital topographic maps and aerial maps at various scales to provide accurate ground data. Use of Mapyx Quo professional software functionality to provide detailed routing and tracking information. Reduction of set-up time for establishing search parameters to improve planning and management, thereby increasing the efficiency and accuracy of searches. Live communication and tracking interfaces permitting better coordination of search teams and providing immediate feedback of search progress. Coordination of multiple search teams and equipment across multiple incidents. Automated process management tasks to provide better, faster and more reliable information with fast, bespoke or standardised reporting functionality. A modular system that can be expanded or reduced depending upon functionality requirements. âBlack boxâ recording of all planning and field operations.KEY FEATURES: Planning of Missing Persons Searches or Casualty Evacuation. Single and Multiple Incident and Multiple Team Interfaces. The entering of key search data. The ability to undertake âConsensusâ assessments by three methods. The automated drawing of concentric search area circles based on proven statistics. The on-screen drawing and codification of defined search areas. The ability to create, assign, dispatch, dismiss and reassign Teams and Equipment together with add, edit, delete functionality. The âLive trackingâ of Assets in the field, at base station and remotely. Continual History Field allowing data capture of all events. Fully automated and bespoke Report functionality.Steven Wood, Chairman of Mapyx: âFollowing on from MREW selecting Mapyx as âOfficial GIS and Mapping Partnerâ, Mapyx elected to develop specific search and rescue software to assist MREW in its operations. Our new SARMAN⢠software is our contribution to the important work of MREW and by working closely together with MREW, we believe that we have developed a system that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all search and rescue operations. Sarman⢠is undergoing field testing with MREW in March 2010 and will be operational in April 2010.âPeter Bell, President of Mountain Rescue England and Wales: âMapyx has worked tirelessly to fine-tune their QUO digital mapping software to encompass the operational demands of a mountain rescue environment and to develop its new SARMANTM software. Linked to, indeed part of, this advanced facility, they have similarly fine-tuned their SARMANTM system to operate with various communications platforms, which will provide the integrated, on scene, partner to the Mapyx search and rescue management applications.QUO and SARMANTM software coupled with approved hand-held devices are not, however, restricted to search and rescue operations. This combination will, I am convinced, provide a most valuable adjunct to safety, whatever the environment.âEwan Thomas, National Water Officer of MREW: âMapyx has been an excellent development partner for the project to provide MR teams with class leading search planning and management software.The SARMANTM application has been developed from first principles to provide an incident management system that is fully integrated into the Quo digital mapping platform.The powerful combination of Quo, the Mapyx tracking system and SARMANTM will make a significant contribution to search and rescue planning and incident management in England and Wales.âMark Lewis, the Communications Officer for MREW: âDigital mapping has been a project weâve been investigating for some time and the wait has certainly paid off in choosing Mapyx as a partner to supply a solution to our specification at no cost. Since our first meeting with Mapyx I have never looked back.Every recognised team and member of Mountain Rescue England & Wales will benefit from the Quo package receiving a free copy with associated maps.This is a great achievement for MREW to enable a common GIS platform to be available across England & Wales - and without teams having to spend any of their limited funds.âAbout Mapyx Limited Mapyx Limited, a Surbiton based company, delivers affordable digital maps and tools to a wide range of users. Mapyx products offer value for money, help people share their data (routes, pictures, reviews and more) and build communities around their hobbies, clubs and associations.The team behind Mapyx has been involved with digital mapping applications for government, military and commercial organisations for over two decades. Mapyx developed its successful âQuoâ product as the essential digital mapping software for outdoor pursuits. Mapyx Quo is free of charge, fully-functional digital mapping software that has won numerous awards. Download a free copy at Rescue England & Wales (MREW) MREW is a registered charity. Its mountain and cave rescue service in England and Wales is provided by around 3,500 volunteers, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whatever the weather.Besides being called to help people who become ill or injured on the moorlands and mountains, MREW teams frequently help the police search semi-urban areas for missing persons. Its teams also help the ambulance service access remote or difficult areas. MREW has provided expertise and personnel during major civil emergencies such as the Grayrigg train crash and the Lockerbie disaster; assisted the fire service with moorland fires in Yorkshire and the Lake District; helped rescue people from their own homes during extensive flooding in Gloucestershire, Carlisle and South Yorkshire; and searched snowbound roads for stranded motorists. It has also searched for forensic evidence and helped preserve crime scenes.

Author: Uros Pecek

Bio.: Managing Director Mapyx Ltd

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