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Augmenting the Mapping Experience

By [email protected] - 5th June 2009 - 15:39

\"Microsoft Virtual Earth has integrated itsmapping capabilities with its Photosynthphoto-stitching technology, enabling businessesand other organisations to createimmersive views of real-world locations forconsumer websites and internal applications.Early adopters include property showcasesand tourism websites. Among the keyupdates are Microsoft Silverlight, to makeviewing easier across platforms and privacycontrols and commercial licenses.\" (From a recent News published in Geo:UK June/July issue). Johannes Kebeck, Bing Maps Technology Specialist, Microsoft tells us more and provides many more links.
Since the arrival of earth viewing software such as Microsoft® Bing Maps⢠(formerly known as Virtual Earthâ¢) the visual experience of web mapping applications has become better and better. First ortho-imagery was added, then oblique aerial im-agery which Microsoft® calls Birdâs Eye imagery. Some platforms now even include imagery from the first person perspective. However, as impressive as these different imagery capabilities are, they also have some limitations....To Download the full article see EDITOR\'S CHOICE BELOW

Author: Johannes Kebeck

Bio.: Bing Maps Technology Specialist, Microsoft

Augmenting the Mapping Experience

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