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FIG Working Week 2024

By Vic Andreou - 21st November 2023 - 08:39

19 - 24 May
La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana
5 Days

FIG Working Week 2024

Event bio:
We extend a warm invitation to you, to be part of the FIG Working Week 2024, a monumental conference that will take place in the vibrant city of Accra, Ghana, from 19 to 23 May. This remarkable gathering is proudly hosted by the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), in collaboration with our local hosts, the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS) and the Licensed Surveyors Association of Ghana (LISAG).

FIG Working Week is no ordinary conference; it is a week-long celebration of innovation and collaboration that unites the global community of surveying and spatial professionals. Here, you will have the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between science and the policymakers and stakeholders who drive real-world change.

1500 + Attendees | 3 Day Conference | Pre- and post events | 70 + Sessions | 80 + Countries represented | Dedicated Networking Opportunities | Comprehensive Exhibition

Why should you join us in Accra? FIG is not just any organization; it is the premier international body championing the interests of surveyors and advancing the profession on a worldwide scale. As a UN-recognized non-governmental organization, FIG represents more than 120 countries, connecting the brightest minds and fostering the growth of the surveying profession.

For over a century, FIG has been organizing conferences, making it the perfect stage to meet the most influential figures within the surveying world. This year’s FIG Working Week delves into the theme "Your World, Our World: Resilient Environment and Sustainable Resource Management for All." Each morning of the three conference days 20-22 May will start with a plenary session setting the scene for the day and elaborating on these overall themes.

  • Africa is on the critical path to sustainability: Building sustainable resource management for the planet: Governance and practice in the Forestry and the extractive sector
  • Geography (climate) and governance of land and water administration
  • Your world- our world & connectivity: Infrastructure of technological in our geospatial environment a profession in transition and Ai

This year's conference is not just an event; it's a call to action for all surveyors and geospatial professionals.

The FIG Working Week 2024 gives passionate professionals the opportunity to:

  • Cutting-Edge Insights: Immerse yourself in the forefront of geospatial technology and sustainable resource management. Gain insights that pave the way for impactful change in your field.
  • Global Network: Connect with like-minded professionals, experts, and decision-makers from around the world. Exchange ideas, experiences, and innovations that transcend borders.
  • Skills Enhancement: Elevate your expertise through hands-on workshops, interactive sessions, and thought-provoking discussions. Equip yourself with the tools to shape a sustainable future.
  • UN SDG Impact: Align your mission with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Discover how your work directly contributes to a better world, amplifying your purpose.

Akwaaba to Ghana, where opportunity beckons, connections flourish, and growth is inevitable!

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