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Yotta Helps Wigan Council Optimise Highways Asset Management

By [email protected] - 19th April 2016 - 17:21

Yotta aims to empower those responsible for the management of Infrastructure Assets to make better, more intelligent decisions about the way they manage their assets. From collecting data, providing software or advice, they aim to understand their customers’ needs and provide the right tools for the job – with innovation playing a large part in what they do.

Wigan Council’s highway infrastructure assets have a total value of around £1.6bn, primarily forming 1,160km of adopted highway networks. The council is currently focusing on delivering a major programme of investment in developing its highway network to open up key areas to support economic, social and environmental renewal. At the same time, as the highway authority, the council has a statutory duty to maintain the highway network in a condition to enable the safe passage of the travelling public.

This case study details how they have used Yotta’s Mayrise asset management suite, and Horizons asset management lifecycle planning system to optimise their asset management in order to achieve this. Prior to this, Wigan County Council were using spreadsheets and MARCH pms to carry out their highways analysis, which was slow and cumbersome. Tasks that are now optimised include scheduling safety inspections, and carrying out full audits for the council –where their insurance team uses this to defend claims resulting from injuries that occurred on the highway.

Yotta’s strategic consultancy has been key to shaping our whole approach to highways infrastructure and asset management. We use Yotta and its asset management software solutions, Mayrise and Horizons, across all aspects of our highways operations, from scheduling safety inspections to defending insurance claims to bidding for government funding. Since we started working together 10 years ago, we’ve recorded an increase in claims repudiation rates and a reduction in highway claims generally in addition to efficiencies in timeliness of completing scheduled highway safety inspections, which helps defend claims more successfully". - Mike Purcell, Technical Manager (Highways) Wigan Council

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