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Yotta and Telensa Partner to Form Seamless Smart Streetlight Platform

By Eric Van Rees - 27th March 2020 - 07:27

Strategic partnership will combine Telensa’s global #1 smart street lighting CMS with Yotta’s industry-leading connected asset management solution, Alloy

Telensa has announced it is working in partnership with Yotta. The partnership brings together Telensa’s PLANet Central Management System with Yotta’s Alloy platform, providing users with a completely seamless lighting solution, enabling them to control groups of streetlights and other wirelessly connected sensors. With urban authorities increasingly looking for pragmatic ways to manage and develop their smart cities, this is a great first step to providing an integrated and accessible solution.

Telensa PLANet is an end-to-end intelligent street lighting system, consisting of wireless nodes connecting individual lights, a dedicated wireless network and a central management system. PLANet maximises the benefits of LEDs, pays for itself in reduced energy and maintenance costs, improves quality of service through automatic fault reporting, and turns streetlight poles into hubs for smart city sensors. With more than 1.8 million lights connected, Telensa PLANet is the world’s most popular connected streetlight system.

Yotta’s Alloy takes asset-rich environments into the future with connected asset management. Alloy is the only connected asset management solution able to seamlessly connect people, systems and assets. It is scalable across multiple asset types and integrates with all systems through powerful APIs (Application Programming Interface). With the ever-increasing need for data and 24/7/365 connectivity, Alloy can help the authorities’ smart city vision.

Brent Hudson, CEO of Telensa, said: “For over fifteen years Telensa has been working with cities to make millions of streetlights smart, and create a platform for further smart city sensing. We’re delighted to integrate with Yotta’s next-generation, Alloy solution to make cities a smarter, more efficient and joined-up place for citizens to live.”

Nick Smee, CEO, Yotta, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Telensa. Since Alloy was launched, Yotta has been focused on laying the foundation for the future of smart cities and a new world of connectivity. Telensa shares that vision. We are confident that by working together in tandem, we will be taking further steps to realise it.”

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