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By Eric Van Rees - 23rd August 2021 - 13:31, a Leuven-based high-tech company offering an innovative visual analytics SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for big location data, announced a data partnership with Spire Aviation.

Companies in the aviation industry lack access to global situational awareness (aircraft position data) and scalable tools to extract and disseminate business insights from the data. This is where and Spire Aviation can help with visual and trend analytics. This combination unlocks valuable insights connecting the impact of aviation across the world economy through trade, travel, logistics, and commerce.

Today, flight tracking data is used across the board – for flight operations, geospatial intelligence, border management, applications development, financial analysis, travel analytics, tourism, and more. It helps drive innovation and address some of the biggest challenges facing the aviation industry, from adapting to a Covid-19 world to improving safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Since it’s still relatively untapped, companies that choose to leverage this data have a secret weapon in their arsenal.

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