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XenomatiX extends its road scanning capabilities

By Eric Van Rees - 12th September 2023 - 06:47

XenomatiX, developer of true solid state lidar sensor, has added to its road scanning solution the capability to detect with 95% accuracy up to 14 types of road cracks.

With one lidar system and camera installed on any vehicle, XenomatiX measures and collects, in one go, data on the condition of the pavement including its evenness indexes like IRI and rutting, road markings, potholes and now, an additional 14 types of road distress like different types of cracks, bleeding, raveling, etc.. This facilitates an efficient road monitoring process allowing road owners to increase their productivity, by saving time in the field and in budget.

The company has developed two key solid-state lidar products to achieve its mission to enhance safer roads, the XenoTrack, road lidar for cost-effective road management and XenoLidar for enabling autonomous vehicle. In the future of autonomous cars, XenomatiX inspires to achieve a fully digitized road system where every vehicle in the road is continuously collecting road condition data and feeding this back to city councils who can address the infrastructure needs and challenges for safer roads.

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