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Wildfire Webinar: A Platform to Help Save Lives and Nature

By Eric Van Rees - 15th September 2020 - 08:44

Listen to Kenneth Richard Geipel, CEO & Co-Founder, and Jacobo Domingo Gil, COO & Co-founder of Robotto as they spoke on how the use of drone technology can identify fires and calculate the exact position, size, and direction, plotting this data onto a topological map to use in real time.

Take a look at their insightful interview today.

Some issues covered in this interview include:

• Thermal imagery

• 4K cameras

• Integrating technologies with UAV’s to perform recon over large areas

Join our speakers Friday, October 16th as they discuss current methods of both detecting and combating these wildfires as well as how robotic technologies can be used to better detect and combat wildfires using computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Register for the complimentary webinar here.

Date: Friday, October 16
Time: 9:00am Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hr

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