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Warwickshire County Council Turns to Yotta for Highways Management

By Eric Van Rees - 6th April 2020 - 10:10

Warwickshire County Council has awarded technology company, Yotta a major multi-year contract to deliver strategic asset management across its 2,500-mile-long highways network. Under the contract’s terms, Yotta is providing the council with its flagship connected asset management platform, Alloy and associated services and support to help deliver highways, street works and permitting, along with street lighting management across the county.

The council wants to put digital capability at the core of its highways provision in order to drive strategic decision-making, enhance operational efficiencies and deliver a more proactive service to the public. It also required a system that could integrate with the Department for Transport’s (DfT) new Street Manager system. Following a competitive tender process, it decided that Yotta’s Alloy was the technology platform that best met these complex requirements.

The council also plans to make extensive use of Alloy’s mobile functionality. This will drive up productivity by enabling field workers to immediately receive a list of assigned work while being able to quickly and easily submit updates as they complete identified jobs. It also makes information available in real-time, enabling asset managers to better understand the current status of their network at the click of a button.

The initial focus of the implementation is migrating highways, street works and street lighting data from incumbent systems over to Alloy, and also delivering the required integration with Street Manager. The street works and highways implementations will be carried out first.

Once Alloy is fully up and running the council will benefit from having a single system across their entire ‘grey asset’ service provision: highways, street works and street lights. Using Alloy will enable the council to drive operational efficiencies across all three areas - a benefit that will be greatly enhanced by streamlining the service offering further and significantly reducing the use of paper through the use of Alloy Mobile.

Cllr Jeff Clarke, Warwickshire County Council portfolio holder for transport and planning said: “We are currently going through a process of digital transformation. In line with this we wanted to find a solution capable of driving efficiencies, delivering enhanced strategic highways asset management and finally improving the customer experience for people across Warwickshire. We are confident that working with Yotta and deploying its Alloy software will enable us to achieve all three of these goals.”

Gary Woodcock, Sales Director, Yotta said: “Warwickshire County Council is a forward-looking local authority which is today on a journey to increase use of digital solutions to drive efficiencies and more closely meet the needs of residents across the county. Using Alloy offers the council the potential to achieve all this and also deliver the integration it needs to connect infrastructure, data, systems and people to achieve enhanced engagement and greater insights across its whole estate.”

Looking to the future, the council also plans to explore how Alloy could also be applied to other areas of service provision

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