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By Eric Van Rees - 12th July 2022 - 12:51

Dear Reader! Vexcel Imaging has exciting news to share!

Whether it is the revolutionary Adaptive Motion Compensation (AMC) method, that compensates for multi-directional motion blur or outstanding award-winning camera technology that saves our customers time and money by capturing nadir and oblique aerial imagery simultaneously. Because it's successful solutions that move our customers forward!

And it's often the customers who come up with ingenious solutions: 95West Aerial Mapping has mastered simultaneous collection of aerial imagery and lidar data, sharing insights in our new ‘I Fly UltraCam’ video.

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Adaptive Motion Compensation (AMC)

Read the white paper about Vexcel's innovative, software-based Adaptive Motion Compensation (AMC) method that corrects image blur caused by multi-directional camera movements during the flight.

Read the paper

'I Fly UltraCam' video

UltraCam customer 95West Aerial Mapping was looking for ways to capture aerial imagery and LiDAR data simultaneously and more cost-effectively. Watch the latest 'I Fly UltraCam' video to learn why 95West Aerial Mapping chose an UltraCam Eagle Mark 3.

Watch the video

Third Award for UltraCam Osprey 4.1

Vexcel Imaging received the Geospatial World Innovation Award 2022 for its next generation UltraCam Osprey 4.1. This innovative aerial camera system simultaneously collects photogrammetric-grade nadir and oblique images in the four cardinal directions and sets new standards in 3D mapping!

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