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Vexcel Imaging announces the new UltraCam Dragon 4.1, a game-changing hybrid oblique imaging and LiDAR system

By Eric Van Rees - 5th December 2023 - 09:27

Vexcel Imaging announced the innovative UltraCam Dragon 4.1, representing the market's most advanced, progressively designed, and seamlessly integrated hybrid aerial mapping system.

Designed for high-resolution mapping of complex urban environments and the creation of precise digital twins, the UltraCam Dragon combines the very best in imaging and LiDAR technologies for maximum collection productivity, high-accuracy and improved target coverage.

"I am thrilled that we can offer the UltraCam Dragon 4.1, a system that opens up new perspectives for our customers," states Alexander Wiechert, CEO of Vexcel Imaging. “The UltraCam Dragon 4.1 exemplifies our commitment to innovation and excellence in aerial mapping technology. It is poised to make a significant impact on industries and applications worldwide by providing the technology needed to explore, analyze, and understand complex environments like never before.”

The new UltraCam Dragon 4.1 produces high-resolution nadir and oblique aerial imagery enriched with precise elevation information obtained by a powerful 2.4 MHz RIEGL OEM LiDAR scanner, collecting up to 2 million measurements per second. The LiDAR’s innovative multi-axis scanning geometry, including a true nadir scan line, ensures maximum coverage of vertical features without occlusion in the steepest of building canyons and interior courtyards for truly impressive and complete digital twins. Two high-resolution nadir sensors (RGB Bayer pattern and NIR), along with four oblique (RGB) sensors, consistently deliver sharp, accurate and crisp imagery. This is achieved through advanced image processing techniques, including Vexcel’s proprietary Adaptive Motion Compensation (AMC) and True Pixel Processing (TPP). The integration of these best-in-class sensors results in a comprehensive and multi-dimensional information gain, facilitating in-depth analysis and a profound understanding of the as-built environment.

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