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Vessel Technology launches next generation of network storm testing

By Eric Van Rees - 27th March 2023 - 05:55

Vessel Technology (VT), a designer of network storm testing systems, has launched the next generation of its DPSSNet tool which allows vessel crews to easily and independently test complex network systems and their resilience to network storms.

A network storm is a quantity of data, typically excessive and undesired in nature, that can lead to issues such as disruption of data communication and a decline in network equipment performance, which may affect other networks if not properly contained.

The potential repercussions of an unmanaged network storm in a dynamic positioning (DP) system can be severe, unpredictable and may lead to loss of position or heading of a vessel.

The purpose of performing testing, using specialist equipment, is to ensure the design, protection and monitoring functions are fit for purpose.

This includes detection and checking for network storm warnings, identification of systems vulnerable to network storms and verification of new and existing systems. Together, these enable containment of a network storm within a single network.

The latest generation tool from VT, which is headquartered in North-east Scotland, means marine technical personnel, equipped with DPSSNet hardware, can carry out robust testing of vessel systems without the need to call out a service engineer, reducing downtime and costs.

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