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VeriDaaS Initiates California Statewide LiDAR Collection Project

By Eric Van Rees - 2nd June 2021 - 05:48

VeriDaaS announced that it has completed test flights necessary to begin its statewide California mapping project by acquiring high-density LiDAR elevation data on multiple areas of interest (AOIs).

This data will be used for evaluation purposes by various state, federal and commercial stakeholders.

In April 2021, VeriDaaS collected data at a minimum of 30 points per meter on a number of AOIs each with different terrain, vegetation and feature densities. These test flights will also be used to baseline sensor collection parameters to ensure the resulting data satisfies a wide range of use cases.

“We are confident that our data will meet and exceed the quality standards required by our targeted stakeholders,” said Christopher Payne, VeriDaaS CEO. “Our recent large area project work in Arizona demonstrated that our Geiger-mode LiDAR offering exceeds established accuracy specifications at unsurpassed speed and cost-efficiencies,” Payne added. “We look forward to collecting the remainder of California as part of our National Mapping Initiative VeriMAP.”

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