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USDA acquires the Aeromapper Talon

By [email protected] - 11th November 2016 - 18:09

The Ungulate Disease and Damage research project of the National Wildlife Research Center acquires the Aeromapper Talon to test for mapping and precision agriculture

The Ungulate Disease and Damage research project (USDA APHIS division) has selected the Aeromapper Talon for their research on surveying and mapping agricultural areas that have been damaged by wildlife. Among the different payloads offered with the Aeromapper Talon they have chosen the standard 24 Mp RGB Sony camera as well as the Micasense Rededge multispectral camera. The cameras are easily swappable on the UAV.

They have decided on the Aeromapper Talon because it offers a very unique set of characteristics, like:

  • Interchangeability between the RGB and high end Multiespectral cameras like the Micasense RedEdge
  • Long range communications link
  • 80 mins endurance
  • Fully autonomous flight
  • Ease of use for operators with no previous experience
  • Modularity and affordability of parts
  • Mission editing while in-flight
  • Operations in tight areas thanks to its impressive climb rate and easy handlaunch
  • Parachute recovery
  • Reasonable price of the entire UAV system
  • Proven track record
  • Return to home upon loss of link
  • No experience or training required
  • Each and every unit is flight tested before delivery

Alternatively, the Aeromapper Talon offers optional GNSS PPK upgrade, dual camera configurations like:

  • Sony 24 Mp RGB and Parrot Sequoia onboard at the same time
  • Sony 24 Mp RGB and Flir

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