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UP42 to Offer Smart Satellite Data from Australia’s LatConnect 60 on the UP42 Geospatial Marketplace

By Eric Van Rees - 4th January 2021 - 10:51

UP42 announced that image data and information from the planned LatConnect 60 constellation of mid-inclined orbit remote sensing satellites will be available on the UP42 developer platform for Earth observation data and analytics.

In early 2022, LatConnect 60 will launch its first two “smart” small satellites equipped with onboard Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data pre-processing and advanced tip-and-cue functionality. This on-board AI has the possibility to significantly reduce costs for resellers and end users, making enterprise-quality satellite data available to a wider range of small and medium enterprises.

“UP42 and LatConnect 60 share the common goal of democratizing access to Earth observation information,” said UP42 CEO Sean Wiid. “LatConnect 60 is developing remote sensing technology that goes beyond providing raw data to delivering easily accessible insights.”

UP42 gives users direct access to extensive Earth observation datasets and advanced processing algorithms – along with cloud computing power – to create their own geospatial solutions easily and inexpensively. Users purchase just the data needed to cover their area of interest and then leverage out-of-the-box processing capabilities to analyze the datasets without investment in their own computing infrastructure.

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