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UP42 Expands Optical and SAR Data Offering with SI Imaging Services of Korea

By Eric Van Rees - 10th June 2021 - 06:19

UP42 and SI Imaging Services (SIIS) of Daejeon, South Korea, have signed an agreement to make imagery from the KOMPSAT satellites available on the UP42 marketplace and developer platform.

The deal includes high-resolution optical imagery from KOMPSAT-3 and -3A, and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data from KOMPSAT-5.

KOMPSAT imagery is a valuable addition to the more than 50 geospatial data sets now available on the UP42 marketplace, including satellite imagery from five international organizations. UP42 users will find imagery from the Korean constellation complements other data products by offering diverse spatial and spectral capabilities, broad dynamic ranges, afternoon acquisition times, extensive archives, and attractive price points.

“The addition of the KOMPSAT 3, 3A, and 5 broadens our current offering of high-resolution satellite and radar data. This high-quality constellation is invaluable for unlocking new use cases for our users globally through higher combined revisit and ranging acquisition modes,” said UP42 CEO Sean Wiid.

Wiid predicts one of the most important impacts on new use cases for UP42 users will come in the area of intraday monitoring — with the aid of KOMPSAT’s afternoon collection times. The addition of KOMPSAT data will also provide existing UP42 users with more options to augment infrastructure monitoring and vegetation management use cases.

“The UP42 marketplace enabled us to reach out to potential global customers. On the UP42 platform, customers will have easy access to high quality VVHR KOMPSAT EO and SAR constellation imagery up to 40cm resolution and gain valuable information through analysis,” said Moon-Gyu Kim, CEO of SI Imaging Services.

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