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Undet for Revit – forget the loading of heavy RCP / RCS point cloud files

By [email protected] - 18th June 2019 - 17:00

Undet for Autodesk Revit uses the Undet project file to generate raster image views directly in Revit from point clouds

Undet, a Terra Modus-owned brand, reflects point-cloud information handling solutions acquired with reality capture technology. Terra Modus seeks to provide the fastest way for businesses that use reality capture technology to obtain the required building/site measurement documentation. Undet for Autodesk Revit uses the Undet project file to generate raster image views directly in Revit from point clouds. Raster images are lighter than point cloud, which allows smooth workflows without loading heavy RCP files and you can focus entirely on modeling.

The development of Undet for Revit. What issues does it solve?

The Undet for Revit was created to provide alternatives because working with large point cloud projects in Revit is inconvenient: complex management, inadequate density, pan and zoom lagging.

With the above consideration, Undet for Revit is aimed to solve the following issues;

1. Raster images are lighter than point cloud, making it possible to work smoothly with point clouds without loading heavy RCP files. It has eliminated lagging of big point clouds all through pan and zoom.

2. Provided the option of viewing the point cloud outside of the Revit view range giving greater flexibility in controlling the level of information you see in your view. Provided the option to save raster image view with different coloring and density settings for each Revit view.

3. Improved Revit point cloud RCS / RCP visibility management with cropping function by irregular polygon. This feature can be used for free even after Undet for Revit trial period.

Free 7-day trial & more info:

Undet for Revit overview video:

Undet family products can be offered for different markets and price levels:

Undet with Ares Commander - cost saving solution to convert point clouds into *.dwg CAD drawings

Undet for Revit - simple workflow with point clouds in Revit without loading heavy RCP files

Undet for SketchUp - everyone can quickly and easily use any size of point clouds in SketchUp

Undet for AutoCAD – designed to optimize and automate the process from point clouds to building/site documentation

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