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UltraCam Eagle Delivers Efficiency and Quality for Arrowhawk Imaging

By Eric Van Rees - 25th February 2022 - 09:36

Arrowhawk Imaging selected an UltraCam Eagle Mark 3 aerial camera system with a 100-millimeter (mm) lens as its first airborne imaging system.

Since purchasing the sensor from Vexcel Imaging in 2019 and installing the unit in a Cessna 206 single engine aircraft, the mapping company has successfully completed numerous projects.

“We recognized the growing demand and multiple uses for aerial imagery and wanted to enter the market as a service provider with a large format sensor to complete medium to large projects,” said Lance McKeever, Director of Finance & Enterprise Operations at Arrowhawk. “Vexcel’s technology offers us a competitive advantage because the Eagle Mark 3 has a very large footprint and fast frame rate, which leads to more efficient flying without sacrificing high quality and accuracy.”

The UltraCam Eagle is capable of capturing 10-centimeter (cm) GSD at 5,000 meters (m) above the ground. At this high elevation, the 450-Megapixel footprint collects more data in less time, shortening the hours needed for collection and optimizing flying windows.

“In addition to the exceptional camera performance, the level of service Vexcel provides is far superior to any other company in the marketplace,” said McKeever. “In our experience, Vexcel will do whatever it takes to keep our company operational with as little down time as possible, which in turn makes us a more reliable partner.”

The Thrasher Group is a well-established architecture, engineering, and field service provider that handles all image processing and value-added product development for Arrowhawk. Using UltraMap, Vexcel’s photogrammetric post-processing software, the team rapidly generates quality data products from every UltraCam flight. The highly automated processing capabilities expedite the workflow, and UltraMap is scalable to meet short deadlines by processing data in parallel across thousands of cores.

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