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Ultra-high accuracy version of DATAhawk now available` - DATAhawk PPK

By [email protected] - 6th July 2017 - 15:19

Sub-4cm PPK Absolute Accuracies Achieved by QuestUAV DATAhawkPPK

The DATAhawkPPK is QuestUAV’s latest ultra-high accuracy fixed wing drone package. It is ideal for professional surveyors that need maximum geospatial precision for their customers, the aircraft provides survey-grade results within minutes.

The accuracy of the DATAhawk PPK system has been independently validated by comparing the results of repeated aerial surveys with precisely measured verification points (GCPs) - using a total of 30 target points over the 100Ha coastal test site.

The whitepaper, also available today, contains the results of 37 flights with an independently verified accuracy of 3.1cm X, 3.3cm Y and 3.9cm Z dimensions.

“When flown and processed correctly, this system positions every pixel exactly where it belongs on the earth's surface. It is an incredible achievement.”

The orthomosaic process using Pix4D or PhotoScan remains unchanged for the PPK processing. If you can already create an orthomosaic then you can complete the PPK processing with just two extra steps. Both additional steps are easy processes to include in your workflow.

After almost three years of development, the DATAhawkPPK is now in production and ready for delivery.

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