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UK’S National Centre for Operational Excellence for Marine Robotics Launches

By Eric Van Rees - 12th November 2021 - 12:30

CEbotiX, the UK’s national centre for operational development, workforce training and assurance of autonomous maritime technology, has officially launched.

Speaking at the Maritime Autonomy Technology Showcase yesterday, Managing Director Ben Keith announced that CEbotiX’s facilities are now available to be used. These include MAS test facilities along the South Coast and in Scotland, workshops, engineering spaces, fixed and deployable Remote Control Centres and a range of Autonomous Systems, including Uncrewed Surface Vessels, Underwater Vessels and Remote Operating Vessels.

The global maritime sector is rapidly moving to reduce the number of mariners at sea, which has implications for improved safety, increased sustainability and reduced cost. CEbotiX will provide a focal point and coherence for all aspects of UK marine robotics. CEbotiX has been setup by SeaBot Group, which is working on a partnering agreement with sector leading companies including BMT, Sonardyne and HST, to be part of the National Centre for Operational Excellence in Marine Robotics.

SeaBot Group, which specialises in the use of technology for workforce development and the technology/people partnership, developed the concept of CEbotiX in order to act as national hub for the development of marine robotics, with the aim of making the whole maritime industry safer, cleaner and smarter.

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