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UK Power Networks deploys Cartosys location-based services toolkit

By [email protected] - 5th December 2018 - 17:36

UK Power Networks deploys Cartosys, location-based services toolkit, from SCISYS to power Distributed Generation Mapping Tool -- Cartosys will help UK Power Networks transition to a low-carbon economy, revolutionising electricity production, distribution and consumption

  • Distributed Generation (DG) Mapping Tool, powered by Cartosys, allows customers of UK Power Networks to see the easiest and most cost-effective network connection points for their renewable energy sources
  • Cartosys open standards, open APIs and integration with back-office systems enables UK Power Networks to develop and enhance its DG Mapping Tool as necessary
  • Single, out-of-the-box solution – quick and easy to deploy, configure and manage without the need for software coding
  • Cartosys helps UK Power Networks in its transition from a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to Distribution System Operator (DSO) and to meet customers’ needs today and in the future

Chippenham, Wiltshire: 5 December, 2018 – To overcome the challenge of needing to replace its legacy Distributed Generation (DG) Mapping Tool, UK Power Networks has successfully built a replacement using the cloud-based Cartosys location-based services toolkit from SCISYS UK Ltd. SCISYS is a supplier of specialist software systems, solutions and support services to the government, defence, energy, utilities, transport, telecoms, media & broadcast and space sectors.

“Cartosys’ flexibility and open architecture enabled us to quickly and easily build a replacement DG Mapping Tool, allowing our customers to determine from our green, amber and red colour-coded areas and substations, where it would be most easy and cost effective for them to connect to our electricity network,” said Steve Halsey, Distributed Energy Resources Development Manager for UK Power Networks.

UK Power Networks is a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and owns and maintains the overhead lines, underground cables and substations distributing electricity to 8.3 million customers across the East of England, London and the South East.

Cartosys gives UK Power Networks the ability to display complex data around the exact location of its assets, including its substations and overhead power lines, in a simple geographical presentation that is easily accessible via a web-browser and easily understood by non-technical and non-specialist users.

The UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy is revolutionising electricity production, distribution and consumption. UK Power Networks and other DNOs are transforming from simply managing the network to becoming Distribution System Operators (DSOs), which enable a smart, flexible system accommodating two-way power flows and responding to customers’ needs.

“We are preparing for the future by transforming our network to be smarter and flexible enabling our customers to make the most of new technologies like electric vehicles, storage and smart meters. Our DG Mapping Tool, powered by Cartosys, will undoubtedly be a key component in helping us achieve this,” said Halsey.

UK Power Networks had just 10 weeks to replace its previous DG Mapping Tool as it was no longer going to be supported by the supplier.

Following a rigorous tender process, UK Power Networks chose SCISYS as its preferred supplier based on its proven experience in the rapid development of innovative software solutions and its ability to seamlessly transition implementation in a ‘business-as-usual’ environment.

“SCISYS liaised closely with our project manager and myself. We set specific timelines and deployment met our extremely short deadline. Overall implementation was absolutely ‘spot on,’” said Halsey.

Cartosys was originally deployed by UK Power Networks to ensure that its DG Mapping Tool met the needs of customers requesting connections to import power from its network.

“The open architecture and integration with our back-office systems which Cartosys delivers, has enabled us to further develop our DG Mapping Tool to handle the evolving needs of our customers requesting connections to export power from their renewable energy sources, solar panels and wind turbines, into our network. We now accommodate two-way, import and export connections,” continued Halsey.

“Cartosys’ open APIs mean that we can make enhancements to our DG Mapping Tool as we need them. We have made further developments to ensure that we have real-time, accurate visibility of the performance of our network, the overall connections and our entire enquiry process. This helps us meet our regulatory obligations around providing consistency in our quotes to customers requesting connections to our network.”

The Cartosys toolkit is built on open standards and integrates proven OSGeo open products (GeoNode, GeoServer, GeoGig, PostGIS) into a single, out-of-the box solution that is quick and easy to deploy, configure and manage without the need for software coding.

Cartosys is offered as a Managed Service with a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model and provides a cost-effective, scalable, extensible, flexible and secure alternative to how organisations discover, create and share location-based, data, maps and apps.

Organisations no longer need to deploy traditional proprietary software with the potential risks associated with vendor lock-in. Neither do they need to make large investments in implementing and integrating disparate software solutions, which is often a resource-, time- and cost-hungry route.

“The ease of configuration, integration and interaction of software components within the Cartosys toolkit delivers far greater flexibility and increased speed of deployment than that delivered by bespoke development.

“Another important benefit to SCISYS’ alternative approach to deploying location-based services is that Cartosys provides us with the ability to see how its toolkit components can be reused for similar business applications,” said Halsey.

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