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UK BIM Alliance Product Data Working Group Confirmed

By [email protected] - 9th April 2018 - 11:04

The UK BIM Alliance has confirmed the membership of its Working Group on Product Data.

The group will support the UK Built Environment industry in coming together to meet the challenges of product data use and management.

The working group members are:

  1. Su Butcher, UK BIM Alliance (Chair)
  2. Hanna Clarke, CPA
  3. Rod Crowder, Willmott Dixon
  4. Matt Crunden, Legrand
  5. Rob Jackson / Emma Hooper, Bond Bryan Digital
  6. Patricia Massey, Electrium
  7. Mike Overy, Northumbrian Water
  8. Lloyd Patman, Airey Miller
  9. Craig Sewell, Manufacturing Consultant
  10. Alex Small/Kevin Turton, Tata Steel
  11. Paul Surin, Wienerberger
  12. Nick Tune, Atkins

Announcing the team at the Alliance’s quarterly forum meeting in March, chair Su Butcher explained, “Product Data isn’t actually about technology, brands and markets, it is about processes and continuity. Members of the working group have committed to seeking out views from across industry (including clients, consultants, FMs, data companies, contractors and manufacturers from major companies to SMEs) to identify their needs and activities, so we can put together a picture of the current state of the nation on this topic and start bringing people forward together.

When the Alliance met with key stakeholders in January there was a clear sense of unity of purpose. People are calling out for some clear direction and we now have the structure to bring those thoughts together into a useful report which people across industry can discuss and act upon. We will also be identifying conflicts and gaps in the current thinking on this topic, with a view to steering the future work of the Alliance on Product Data.”

Call for Participants
Su also invited people across industry to share their views with the working group.

There are three ways of getting in touch with the working group:

  1. Keep informed of requests for information by subscribing to the Alliance newsletter here:
  2. Join the Alliance Slack Workspace to have conversations with the workgroup members and fellow interested parties: there is a dedicated #product_data channel for these conversations.
  3. Email the group directly at [email protected]

Su was upbeat about the Working Group:

“We already have 43 people in the slack channel, and people from over 20 organisations have volunteered their help. This is our opportunity to get a grasp of this topic and take things forward.”

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