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Ubotica and Open Cosmos Agree to Launch AI Centric Satellite

By Eric Van Rees - 10th November 2022 - 04:54

Ubotica Technologies, the provider of smarts for smart satellites, and Open Cosmos, leading space mission and data provider, have signed an agreement to deliver CogniSat-6, the first AI centric CubeSat mission to include autonomous capabilities.

As part of the agreement, CogniSat-6 will carry the flight proven (TRL-9) CogniSat edge computing platform to low earth orbit and will provide reactive retargeting to optimise image gathering on specific areas of interest identified in-orbit without requiring any intervention from ground stations. This allows faster response times for satellite tip and cue operations resulting in higher value data gathering which significantly accelerates the mission return on investment (ROI).

Additionally, the mission will be used to execute a wide selection of CogniSat applications. These applications enhance the value of imagery available for analysis through smart AI-enabled compression techniques. This results in a six-fold increase in the usable data received by the ground station when compared with the transmission of uncompressed images and a two-fold increase when compared with the use of standard compression approaches.

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