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Ubotica achieves breakthrough in Live Earth Intelligence with CogniSAT-6

By Eric Van Rees - 21st June 2024 - 05:09

Ubotica, a provider of SPACE:AI, and Open Cosmos, announced a significant milestone in the CogniSAT-6 mission: the successful processing and instant AI-powered detection of the first raw image from the newly launched satellite.

SPACE:AI: Ushering in Earth Observation 2.0
Today’s Earth Observation satellites are fundamentally data collectors. They don’t understand what they’re observing; they simply gather data and downlink it all when passing over a ground station. But what if they could understand what they’re seeing? With SPACE:AI, they can.

SPACE:AI unlocks the full potential of Earth Observation satellites by empowering them with real-time vision processing. Ubotica’s flight-proven, end-to-end AI platform transforms these satellites into intelligent, efficient and always connected observers.

SPACE:AI at Work: Ship Detection at Jeddah Port
Consider this first raw satellite image taken by CogniSAT-6 of the port and ocean near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The challenge: quickly identify all ships in the area. For the first time, an Earth Observation satellite, powered by SPACE:AI, understands what it sees. Within 90 seconds, SPACE:AI detected every vessel within a 20 x 40-kilometre zone. This achievement demonstrates the model’s exceptional accuracy, even without prior training on CogniSAT-6 data.

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