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UAVOS Unveils Reinforced Main Landing Gear For Heavy-Lift Fixed- Wings Aircraft

By Eric Van Rees - 14th September 2023 - 06:56

UAVOS, a provider of effective solutions based on advanced unmanned systems, has announced its modified and upgraded main landing gear to support heavy-lift unmanned aircraft.

The main landing gear design incorporates the latest UAVOS' production technologies, including the use of a lightweight prepreg composite material and its lay-up processes, which contributes to a more efficient and robust aircraft.

The new landing gear offers a host of advantages for aircraft manufacturers. First, with a maximum take off weight of up to 1200 kg, landing gear, used for take off and landing, is of only 16 kg and designed to be extremely strong and sturdy. It also contributes to weight saving without compromising on strength and robustness. Moreover, the upgraded landing gear offers a significant reduction in aerodynamic drag and in aircraft fuel consumption while notably increasing flight performance.

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