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UAVOS & TITRA Alpin Unmanned Helicopter Successful Flight in Turkey’s Sky

By Eric Van Rees - 17th December 2020 - 07:48

The converted Alpin UAV, which is based on the manned Heli-Sport Italian CH7 helicopter, a joint project of TITRA, a Turkish engineering company, and UAVOS, a researcher, developer, and manufacturer of advanced products in the unmanned systems industry, has completed its first successful flight in the sky of the State of Turkey.

The test flight has been performed in preparation of the Alpin unmanned helicopter, currently being launched on the Turkish market. The Alpin UAV was created in accordance with the needs and requirements of the Turkish Rescue & Security industries.

The joint project of TITRA and UAVOS companies was signed in 2019 as a part of the conversion program of manned aircraft into UAV and addresses the growing market of UAV cargo delivery. The program outlines the conversion of the manned CH7 helicopter into UAV as well as maintenance and training programs.

The Alpin UAS is designed to meet the specific, unique and advanced requirements of Turkey with its special security industry interests to operate the unmanned system in a variety of complex scenarios in both civilian and security fields. The converted helicopter is indispensable for the UAV logistic industry to deliver cargo to hard-to-reach areas without airfields.

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