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UAVOS' Supporting Rotorcraft Programs

By Eric Van Rees - 9th September 2021 - 06:09

UAVOS provides perfectly-fitted industry-grade carbon fiber blade rotors for unmanned helicopters to be installed on helicopters with up to 140 kg take-off mass and rotor diameter with up to 3200 mm.

Due to the industrial production process the main rotor blades have long operational life, enhanced aerodynamic performance, and increased wear resistance under severe weather conditions. The blades have superior behavior under extreme maneuvers.

UAVOS can tailor the rotor blades, as well as any part of its process, to exact UAV requirements. Its services are ideal for OEMs and specialist drone operators seeking high-quality optimised rotors for their platforms.

The state-of-the-art carbon rotor blades are produced with carbon fiber reinforced prepregs (CFRP) using a curing oven. The blade leading edge is made of brass which allows UAVOS to significantly extend its operational life. The blade's operational life-limit is 2,600 hours with the possibility of extension.

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