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UAVOS Servos Expands Family with Xservo-Series Actuators

By Eric Van Rees - 1st December 2020 - 07:14

UAVOS announced its new Xservo-Series lightweight, Hollow Shaft Servo Actuators features embedded CANopen / EtherCAT servo drive.

The advantage of this series is the built-in motion controller, which allows the customer to skip the complex stage of mechanical and electrical integration of a passive servo actuator with an external servo drive controller. One more advantage is a versatile hollow shaft that makes it easy to pass power supply cables, shafts or laser beams directly through the servo actuator.

Encased with a rugged, IP65 rated anodized aluminium alloy casing, these actuators are capable of nx360 degree proportional rotation and are ideal for a wide range of rotary applications within UAVs and robotic platforms. New actuators are immune to shock and vibration and designed for use in harsh conditions.

UAVOS Xservo-Series are designed to be used in industrial applications where high accuracy, high torque and low weight are essential. New accessories have been designed to minimize complexity in varied industrial applications such as automation and robotics for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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