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UAVOS Leverages Drones, Proprietary Software, and Digital Twins to Improve Service of Transmission Lines

By Eric Van Rees - 27th May 2022 - 11:20

UAVOS has successfully completed a transmission lines & towers drone survey project for an energy company that took place in the Northern area at latitude 20°.

The project was aimed at helping the energy company to fully automate the capture and processing of power lines-related condition assessment data. Over 2300 km flights of BVLOS have been carried out to detect the unauthorized objects and vegetation as well as the line and tower elements defects. The project was done in a hard-to-reach area, where the landscape often changes and offers different obstacles at a critical low temperature of around - 36 Cº. The UAVOS’ drones and technology have proven to operate and detect faults in extremely low temperatures.

To help the energy company administration use the gathered data to improve its infrastructure, UAVOS has employed high-end technologies to automate data analysis of power lines. Moreover, it has enabled digitalization of the whole grid infrastructure on a large scale, which consists of the following modules:

• Autonomous data collection and automated drone post-flight data analysis;

• Big data platform processing;

• Digital Twin for Maintenance.

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