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UAVOS expands saker male uas family in collaboration with kacst

By Eric Van Rees - 26th May 2020 - 07:15

UAVOS and KACST are working together to develop the next generation of Saker MALE UAS family - Saker - 1C unmanned aircraft.

The goal is to redesign and improve UAS features extending from engineering to operation. The UAVOS and KACST effort is focused on utilising advanced manufacturing technologies and integrating next-generation capabilities including state-of-the-art autonomy, navigation, communications, sensor processing and system of counter electronic warfare.

Using the most progressive technologies developed by two companies to date, the Saker - 1C is a versatile aircraft capable of carrying diverse payloads such as SAR imagery and coherent change detection, Gyro Stabilized EO/IR Gimbal, Digital Video Data Link Tactical UAV. The innovative and technologically sophisticated Saker - 1C aircraft is designed to perform long-endurance surveillance, communications relay, search & rescue operations and so on.

The Saker - 1C MALE UAS has a fully redundant control system and avionics. The improved onboard satellite communication system provides an advanced direct link when flying within Line of Sight (LOS), switching seamlessly to a satellite link when flying Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) to transmit real time information. The system has been improved through testing and operation on the different Saker family aircraft.

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