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UAVOS Demonstrates its Customer UVH-500 Cargo Drone

By Eric Van Rees - 19th July 2021 - 07:23

UAVOS recently completed a series of flight demonstrations of its converted UVH-500 unmanned helicopter for a customer.

The UVH-500 UAV demonstrated efficient performance of repetitive heavy-lift operations dropping cargo of 100 kg (220 lbs) at specified locations and the ability to operate day and night in adverse weather conditions. The UVH-500 UAV is supposed to be operated for delivery goods in remote areas once testing is complete.

The UVH-500 is a converted drone which is based on the piloted CH-7 helicopter. The UVH-500 aircraft’s 353-pound (160 kg) cargo capacity is ideally suited for quicker and more sustainable transport time-sensitive deliveries reducing time-in-transit, and operational costs.

The use of the UVH-500 UAV might benefit healthcare providers, first mile parcel suppliers, and all other types of air freight delivery. With a 522-mile range (840 km) and cruising speed of up to 99 miles (160 km/h) per hour, the UVH-500 will be able to plan a series of short routes, or one long route to meet customers’ needs.

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