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UAVOS Delivered Drying Oven to the Aviation Industry

By Eric Van Rees - 21st June 2024 - 05:11

UAVOS delivered a high-performance Oven-500 composite curing oven to a manufacturer in the aircraft industry

To meet the customers’ needs, this oven was designed to cure synthetic and composite materials of complex contours, shapes, and sizes while providing fast heat-up rates and cycle times. UAVOS' technology helped the business generate lightweight composites with extreme strength that meet the most demanding applications.

The curing process for composite materials includes bagging and putting them under a vacuum while being cured. The electrically heated Oven-500 is rated for a maximum temperature of 220°C. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 466 mm wide x 2050 mm deep x 502 mm high.

Top-loading designs incorporate a fully open upper aperture for product entry. UAVOS Oven-500 comes with special side-mounted electric heaters. Highly efficient circulation fans deliver dual airflow, distributing air evenly throughout the entire working space.

A temperature controller and redundant high-limit controller provide precise temperature control and over-temperature protection. This control system has a multitude of capabilities, such as serial communication port, ramp/soak programming, as well as data collection. All the data can be downloaded via a protocol Modbus.

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