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UAVOS completes tests for UAV delivery service humanitarian relief

By Eric Van Rees - 21st April 2020 - 08:09

UAVOS has successfully tested its cargo delivery UVH-170 unmanned helicopter. The trial aimed to validate a highly automated delivery flight from a vendor to a destination and back, across precisely pre-selected pathways. The flight took 1.7 hours and covered a standoff distance of 62 miles (100 km). Critical humanitarian aid, whose weight was 17,6 lbs (8 kg), was delivered with neither the need to land nor the need for a ground control station on the receiving side. UAVOS’s UAS is equipped with line of sight data link (LOS) and satellite communication data link, which supports Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights.

UVH-170 unmanned helicopter is designed for commercial operations and immediate air response, emergency relief under demanding conditions and tight timescales. The aircraft’s high standoff distance makes it well-suited to humanitarian and disaster relief applications.

The capabilities of the UVH-170 unmanned helicopter address many social (medical, pharmaceutical, remote communities, humanitarian aid, etc.) and economic (mining, oil & gas, courier, etc.) use-cases being requested by the customers. The solution is based on the gasoline engine UVH-170 unmanned helicopter. With a maximum take off weight of 99 lb (45 kg), and a payload of up to 22 lb (10 kg), the UVH-170 flies at an altitude of less than 8200 ft (2500 m) at maximum speed of 74 mph (120 kph).

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