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UAVAir calls businesses to take note of growing use of drones

By [email protected] - 16th June 2016 - 13:41

UAVAir calls businesses to take note of growing use of drones in industry as another application of a UAV is revealed

Leading drone pilot training academy UAVAir are urging businesses to take note of the increased uptake of commercial drone use as a new industrial application is revealed. Commercial pest control business Mitte announced that it would be launching a special new drone service last week, adding to the growing list of industrial applications that are greater improved with the use of a drone.

Following on from trials using the technology to inspect the roofs of buildings for evidence of gullÂs nests, the pest control company have now announced they will be utilising the aerial vehicle to assist in a range of other services including damage inspections, adding heat cameras for thermal surveys to locate pests in undergrowth and aerial mapping for landscape services.

Mitte are one of the first in their sector to add a drone to improve their business offering, making the move an exciting step forward for the potential of future use of drones in a wide range of industries.

Ben Keene, Operations Director at UAVAir commented "We are incredibly excited by the news that was revealed this week - we applaud Mitte for making the bold move and embracing the use of drone technology for their business. This now adds to the growing list of industries that can greatly benefit from using a drone to assist in its services. We hope that this move inspires more business to explore how this technology can improve their offerings too, and at UAVAir we are happy to provide the training to enable them to do so.Â

Moving on fast from its initial applications in the military, many industries are already enjoying the flexibility gained and money saved by incorporating a drone into their business model. Through attaching various sensors a drone can be customised so that engineers can create 3D models with ease, aerial photography is revolutionised and even emergency care can be delivered in the most dangerous of situations.

It should be noted however that Mitte, and all other business enjoying the benefits of a drone, employ a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved operator to ensure that their tasks are completed safely, effectively and within the legal regulations. Any company who wants to explore the use of a drone further is urged to do so with a qualified drone pilot to enjoy to best level of success.

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