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u-blox announces explorer kits for product designers needing centimeter-level positioning accuracy

By Eric Van Rees - 7th October 2022 - 06:44

u-blox, a global provider of positioning and wireless communication technologies and services, has announced new explorer kits to make it quicker and easier for engineers to design and evaluate products requiring centimeter-level positioning capabilities.

Set to launch in early 2023, the ready-to-use XPLR-HPG-1 and XPLR-HPG-2 solutions will for the first time combine u-blox’s unique offering across the key technologies required to achieve highly precise positioning. As well as an open MCU, they’ll include high-precision GNSS (HPG) positioning with real-time kinematic (RTK), dead reckoning, cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® communications, and the necessary antennas. Crucially, the kits are designed to integrate seamlessly with complementary u-blox services, such as PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service, and the ubxlib software component. ubxlib simplifies the developer experience across u-blox products and services, particularly during component evaluation and prototyping.

The kits will assist engineers working in areas such as micromobility and low-speed robotics, helping them build, test and demonstrate early-stage proofs of concept more quickly, thereby supporting faster overall time-to-market.

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