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Trailblazing EU Space Start-ups claim victory in #myEUspace Competition and set to soar to new heights

By Eric Van Rees - 3rd July 2023 - 06:16

After a long, exciting and challenging prize contest, five innovative start-ups have emerged as rising stars of the European Union's space downstream innovation.

The EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), under the European Commission's CASSINI – Space Entrepreneurship Initiative, recently organized the #myEUspace competition, offering a substantial cash prize of 100,000 euros to each winning team. This generous prize aims to propel their businesses to greater heights.

The #myEUspace competition called upon creative innovators and entrepreneurs to develop groundbreaking commercial solutions that leverage data from Galileo, Copernicus, or both. Spanning a wide spectrum of ideas, participants presented mobile applications, hardware-based solutions, and more. All proposals were aligned with one of three targeted innovation areas: Space My Life, Our Green Planet, or Dive in deep tech. It is the last winners of this unique competition which has been divided into three different prize tracks (Ideas, Prototypes and Commercial Products).

Hailing from diverse geographical locations across Europe, the victorious teams represent a range of sectors crucial to our economy and society, including tourism and health. Each of the winners was awarded a substantial cash prize of 100,000 euros, providing them with the necessary resources to scale up their businesses and launch their products on a global scale.

Rodrigo da Costa, EUSPA Executive Director, commended the winners for their impressive business plans and the remarkable market potential exhibited by their solutions. He also extended his congratulations to all participants in the product track, acknowledging their diligent efforts. "It was impressive to see how robust the business plans of the winning solutions were, but also the level of market maturity and business potential, such an encouragement for the future development of our European economy" he remarked, concluding his statement.

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