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Topcon announces new machine control dealer in Italy

By [email protected] - 13th April 2016 - 19:54

Topcon Europe Positioning B.V. announces the appointment of Topcon Infomobility as a new dealer for machine control systems in Italy.

“Topcon Infomobility has demonstrated excellent growth performance over the past years, and this new distributorship arrangement is intended to increase Topcon’s machine control market presence in Italy. Topcon machine control solutions are used extensively worldwide and we look forward to advancing technology use in Italy, ” said Murray Lodge, Sr Vice President/General Manager Topcon Construction.

Topcon Infomobility is headquartered in Concordia, which is also home to the Topcon Technology Center under development.

“The unique synergies of Infomobility and the technology center allows us to capture the interest and participation of the machine control market in Italy, providing industry professionals with distinctive opportunities to experience, customize, and test Topcon’s proven machine control technology in a hands-on environment.”

The Topcon Infomobility management team will be led by Roberto Trini, who is joining the company with responsibility for full distribution management, including the coordinating and communication with existing Topcon entities. Trini has many years of positioning industry experience, having worked in high levels of sales management and business development.

Murray said, “We welcome Roberto in his new position. He has the complete support of Topcon and Topcon Infomobility in his endeavors to grow the machine control market.”

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