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Topcon Announces GTL-1200 Scanning Robotic Total Station

By Eric Van Rees - 2nd February 2022 - 06:26

Topcon Positioning Group has announced its latest scanning robotic total station — the GTL-1200.

The GTL-1200 solution combines the power of a robotic total station with a best-in-class laser scanner, enabling users to perform digital layout and capture high-resolution 3D scans, all with a single setup.

This combined technology approach eliminates workflow steps for scanning applications and greatly reduces the need for post-processing because the captured scan data is already on survey control or job site coordinates. In addition, the GTL-1200 workflow includes seamless integration with ClearEdge3D software for as-built and advanced construction QA workflows.

Now with Collage Site and more

The GTL-1200 provides several additional features and improvements as compared to its predecessor. The introduction of Collage Site offers field-centric workflows that eliminate extra data management steps traditionally performed in the office. The GTL-1200 also features improved scanning resolution and adds Wi-Fi capability, enabling wireless data transfer to field-controller software.

“The GTL solution, which adds LiDAR scanning to a robotic total station, represents a next generation of total stations. The workflow solution helps reduce and eliminate errors and rework with near-real-time, construction-verification and documentation, allowing business owners to better manage risk, while protecting project schedules and budgets,” said Ray Kerwin, director of global product planning.

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