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Top Survey Application, “GIS Surveyor” Going Premium

By Eric Van Rees - 5th November 2019 - 06:53

The android surveying application, “GIS Surveyor” is all set to go premium. Started out as a small-scale land survey application, GIS Surveyor has come a long way with more than 3000+ downloads in the beta stage itself. Interacting with the team of Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd, we got to know their interesting journey so far.

“It was difficult at first. Keeping up to the industry standards and making the android application compatible in every Android device was a challenge. The users gave us a lot of insights, we got motivated and kept improving the application day by day. The journey so far has been a roller coaster ride and every one of us enjoyed it.” said one of the android developers from the Polosoft team. The GIS Surveyor is said to be a hassle-free, faster and efficient solution to all the professional and newbie surveyors worldwide and for many GIS professionals.

The Polosoft team informed us that the application will be going premium on the 6th of November, 2019 with a very nominal price tag of $1.99 per month. They are also providing 3 days free trial after you provide your correct credit/debit card credentials. The CEO of Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Lalit Tyagi said “We extremely value our users, they are the silent contributors. Our team has worked really hard in making the application what it is today. We would like to invite all the land Surveyor, GIS &users Geo-Spatial Professional communities to use this application and provide us with their valuable feedback. Our main goal is to provide a seamless application experience for their industry and keeping our users engaged.”

Many new features are added to the premium version of the application such as:

  • Implementing the GeoID collection model. (EGM96 1°x 1°)
  • Export your surveys in .SHP file.
  • Mock Location for accuracy.

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