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The Virtual Exhibition in the Field of Geospatial Information The Geospatial Information Roadshow 2021 Opens

By Eric Van Rees - 23rd March 2021 - 07:43

Proposing an innovative direction for the global geospatial information market in the post-COVID-19 world.

Participation of International Organizations including The World Bank and Sharing of Policy Trends and Recent Technology with Experts of Global Geospatial Information

The Conference program comprises two Sessions. In the Special Session, The World Bank, UN Habitat, and UN ESCAP will present on the current geospatial information technology connected with the policy trends. Then the following Regional Geo Trend Session is to share the insight on the status of geospatial information in diverse countries with 17 experts from 15 countries. Parallel to the conference, there will be a Technical Seminar as well, where 10 exhibitors discuss the Korean geospatial information technology and their applications overseas. Conference participants are to share each country’s policy trends and the recent information to build global relationships and seek partners for future joint projects among countries.

Virtual Business Meeting, Unveiling Korea’s 26 Core Technologies of Geospatial Information Industry and Achieving Global Digital Business Connections

During the five days of the event, the virtual venue will act as a platform, providing the opportunities to connect with global buyers. The roadshow aims to play a role in generating tangible results in international cooperation in the field of geospatial information as a venue seeking co-prosperity among the governments and the private sector as well.

Jeong Ryeol Kim, CEO of LX, said, “We are committed to building partnerships across borders and generating tangible long-term performance and results at the Geospatial Information Roadshow 2021 as a venue that seeks co-prosperity between governments and the private sector.”

All the information on the exhibitors will be provided up to a year after the roadshow is over. You may download the most latest information on the exhibitors. However, the program details are disclosed to the signed-up subscribers ( registered visitors) from March 22nd, 10:00 am (KST)

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