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The Handheld 3D Mapping System with High-res 5K Images

By Eric Van Rees - 1st November 2019 - 07:26

HERON LITE is appreciated in the market to be best solution for fast 3D surveying and mapping of indoor buildings, small infrastructures, underground mines and cavities. Hand able from a single person, with not initialization procedure, it is ideal to quickly and repeatedly survey complex environments.

The NEW HERON COLOR LITE represent a new step in the fast mapping solutions; besides the 3D geometrical documentation, the user has now the possibility to detect scene details with 5K resolution 360° color images. Gexcel have launched this renewed version during the last INTERGEO collected a large interest.


· Underground mines and cavities

· Stock piles volume calculation

· Complicated indoor documentation

· Small complicated infrastructure

· industrial facilities


· 3D point cloud with intensity or customizable color layers (e.g high maps, inclination) in E57, LAS, ply

· 5K images correctly overlapped on the 3D points

· Trajectory file in CSV

· Measurable blueprint (distances, angles, areas) with the free GoBlueprint

· Free viewer to explores, annotate and measure in “street-view style” a blued print and point cloud with overlapped high resolution spherical imagery

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