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“The Future of Digital Mapping is Now”

By [email protected] - 11th April 2019 - 18:47

Landmark launches free interactive viewable data layers on Promap v2 -- View flood risk, corporate ownership and land use designation data for free

Landmark Information has today announced the launch of a host of brand new features that enable architects, surveyors, developers, and other land and property professionals, to instantly view interactive data layers on the brand new Promap v2, for free.

As part of a significant investment in its digital mapping and data platform, Landmark has introduced the free viewable data layers to provide Promap v2 users with the ability to instantly view flood risk data, commercial ownership information and land use designation data on top of a mapped view. This provides users with clear insight and intelligence when researching future or current projects, without any upfront cost.

Flooding Risk Data
Promap v2 users can view the Flood Zone 2, Flood Zone 3 and Surface Water flooding data from the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales, covering a 500-metre area. Multiple return periods are available to help show if the area in question is at low, medium or high risk of surface water flooding. This provides architects, developers and surveyors with an early-warning-system as to whether a full Flood Risk Assessment is required on the site.

Corporate Ownership Data
Promap v2 users can now view ownership information for corporate owned properties or sites as a viewable layer on OS MasterMap within a 100-metre zone. This includes whether it is freehold or leasehold owned, in addition to the owners’ name and address and the site’s title number. This supports property developers with their site discovery phase, enabling them to check sites early, complete due diligence and determine site owners ahead of the costings phase.

Land Use Designations / Local Plan Data
Promap v2 has simplified access to land use designations and local plans by providing the ability to instantly view data on a map, within a 500-metre area. Promap v2 provides users instant access to view a range of land use data, including boundaries and transport, as a standardised, free mapped layer. This supports users in viewing relevant local data that may have an impact on a future development project or even valuation.

Chris Loaring, Head of Environment & Mapping at Landmark Information said: “The future of digital mapping is now. From today, architects, developers, surveyors and other land and property professionals can view a wide range of location data, for free, on Promap v2. The interactive viewable data layers will support our customers in accessing more than just maps from Promap; instead the free data layers will help their due diligence, planning applications and overall project planning, and can be viewed free of charge.”

Promap is the market-leading digital mapping brand that is used by thousands of land and property professionals across the UK. It was the first to launch digital mapping on CDs and introduced the ability to customise a maps and, today, Promap v2 continues to lead the way. It provides fast and easy access to Ordnance Survey maps and related location-based intelligence, via any online browser.

It is used daily by surveyors, architects, property developers, civil engineers, environmental experts and other industry professionals that require instant access to reliable mapping and location data.

To try Promap v2’s free viewable data layers, visit

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