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The digitalPMRExpo 2020 is picking up speed

By Eric Van Rees - 5th November 2020 - 08:00

The digitalPMRExpo 2020 on 24–26 November 2020 is picking up speed: More than 1000 participants as well as national and international exhibitors and media partners have already registered for the leading European trade fair for secure communication.

Even though the physical fair in the exhibition hall will not take place this year, The digitalPMRExpo in 2020 offers visitors and exhibitors a platform to find out about the latest developments, further advance their business and expand their contact networks. Participation in the digitalPMRExpo 2020 is free of charge.

Focus on mission-critical and security-critical broadband communication

The presentations on 24 November focus on the mission-critical and security-critical communication of the future. In his presentation, for example, Bernhard Klinger (Hytera Mobilfunk) looks into the suitability of commercial networks for mission-critical broadband services. He reviews the results of a study by the European Commission, addresses the shared use of commercial networks and reports on the first project experiences in the field of public safety. PMeV board member Axel Kukuk (Motorola Solutions) talks about mission-critical 5G. He analyses market and customer requirements, discusses the advantages of 5G and considers the possible entry into 5G with 4G/LTE. He also addresses the availability of the essential broadband spectrum in Germany. In a presentation in English, Harald Ludwig (Arico Technologies) speaks about the topic of ‘Mission-critical testing: the MCX plug tests’. Ludwig presents the motivation and background behind mission-critical plug tests and explains what is tested and how. He discusses previous MCX plug tests and outlines plans for the future….

View the complete press release here.

Participation in the digitalPMRExpo 2020 is free for everyone. The direct link to register is here.

For more information, please visit this link.

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